In my first blog I would like to share something more about my person.

I was born in the Black Forest / Germany. I spent my childhood and youth in southern Germany.
At the beginning of the 20th I made a trip to West Africa, crossed the Sahara twice and came into contact with various African peoples and their ways of life. After this trip, I decided to settle in Portugal. For many years I lived far away from civilization, initially without electricity and running water … There I raised my son. I dealt health problems with herbs, Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki and with Crystal Healing. During this time I lived from minerals and fossils trade which I bought in the Moroccan desert. After my son moved out I lived alone in a wooden house for almost 6 years – the inward journey began…There I was free from influencing others and I was able to devote myself undisturbed to my health problems. As a result, I completely changed my diet. Today I live a vegan lifestyle with high raw food percentage. Gradually, my illnesses disappeared. Then I had the great luck to meet Eiwind a Norwegian healer and I had the opportunity to participate in various seminars. My frozen body posture with raised shoulders and almost constant back pain disappeared. Today, my back has a natural S-shape and my movements have become much smoother and more relaxed. My life is a healing journey connected with adventure lust.
I did courses of Reiki and Matrix Transformation / Quantum Healing. I ‘ve sailed across the Indian Ocean and I’ve dived on the Maledives with mantas, rays and sharks.
To keep myself fit, I regularly practice yoga, qi gong, swimming and strength training.
I love to meditate and to perform rituals. At this point I would like to thank my companions who have inspired, healed and supported me.
Thank you very much to:
– Ulrike, through your powerful Matrix Transformation Sessions, you’ve improved and transformed my life for better.
– Lydia, you have been always a great help in some turbulent times.
– Heart sister Paris, thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in your powerful rituals.
– Eiwind, for his support of back healing and personal development.

In my blog articles I want to share ideas how you can improve and transform your life.

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